Can I build a grip for someone with large or small hands?

All of my grips are built to order and can be customized (within reason) for the shooter.

Can I build a grip with wood the customer supplies?

Yes.  As long as the customer realizes the wood must be of a suitable size and cured (dry) not green. Also I do occasionally mess up a grip blank and have to start over so do not send me something irreplaceable to build a grip. I will do my best to replace any wood I mess up but I can’t replace an heirloom. (Yes this sounds silly but it is surprising what some people will ask for).

Do you build grips for a 1911?

Occasionally but only special requests, there are many 1911 grip makers to fill most any order.

New December 2016 I have a few 1911 grips up for sale while they last.

Do you supply the Dan Wesson medallions that mount in the grips?

 I can prep the grip to receive the medallions if you have a set from another grip. At this time I know of no source for DW or DWA grip medallions.

Do you take Pay-Pal or Credit cards?

No, I accept personal checks or money orders, and of course cash.

How big does the piece of wood need to be to build a grip?

Minimum size of 5 ½ inches long 3 inches wide and 1 3/4  thick.

How do I know if a wood is Exotic or Domestic?

Domestic wood grows in the good ole USA such as Walnut, Maple, Cherry, etc.   Exotics are woods that grow outside the USA such as Zebra, Ebony, Rosewoods, etc.

How do I know which frame size my Dan Wesson has?

Dan Wesson Revolvers come in 4 frame sizes. Small, Large, Super-Mag, and Lil-Dan.

Small frame revolvers have a square grip stud and cover calibers 22, 22Mag,  32, 32-20, 38, 357mag.

Large frame revolvers have a round grip stud and cover 360, 41Mag, 44Mag, 45Colt, 460Roland.

Super-Mag revolvers cover 357Maximum, 375, 414, and 445.

Large and Super-Mag frame revolvers use the same size grips.

Lil-Dan revolvers have a grip size all its own.

How long will it take to get my grip?

Normal turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes I get a back log and it may take longer but I will let you know that up front. Occasionally when backlogged I stop taking orders for a while until I catch up. Usually only a month or so.

How much will a grip cost?

Most grip styles and standard wood types have prices listed on the website. Custom jobs or high end (expensive) woods will be subjective to the cost of the wood or special work involved. Shoot me an email and we will figure it out.  Shipping is almost always $5.00.

What woods do you have in stock?

I keep a few woods in stock such as Walnut, Zebra, Maple and a few others, but most woods are available from various sources and usually can be gotten in about a week.