1911 Grips

I normally do not do 1911 grips as there are dozens of good grip makers that do this and do it better than I. However this is a good way to use up some leftovers from DW revolver grips so I will do a run from time to time. As with all my grips they are not perfect but all are one of a kind done by hand. If you desire one of my grips just complete the contact form and I will get them sent right out. First come first serve and I have no idea when I will do another batch.

Also introducing the “Waffle Check” model. I do not have the patience for traditional checkering but the Waffle Check is something I can do. I have no idea if it will be popular or a bust. I look forward to peoples thoughts on the Waffle Check.

As always thanks to all who have shown an interest in my grips.

Check out the 1911 gallery to choose your grips.


Grips fit most Full size or Commander size 1911s.    Ambi safety cut available on request Item # Price  






Bocote Waffle Check 1610 $25.00
Coco Bolo smooth 168      sold
Gabon Ebony smooth 163 $40.00
Lignum Vitae smooth 167 sold
Lignum Vitae smooth 166 sold
Osage Orange smooth 1613 $25.00
Pau Ferro smooth 164 $30.00
Purple Heart smooth 165 $25.00
Purple Heart Waffle Check 1611 $30.00
Walnut smooth 1614 $20.00
Zebra smooth 1616 sold
Zebra smooth 1615 $25.00
Zebra Waffle Check 1612 sold