Josh Heinrich

I couldn't be happier with the grips I got from LB. Top notch craftsmanship
and absolutely stunning. I am about to order a second one!!

Don Anderson

I just received my new grips the other day and they are fantastic!  I asked LB to make me two Gripper Grips one for my small frame and one for my large frame, they fit like a glove in my hand very excellent workmanship.

Robert O. Kristufek

The Green Mountain Camo Spectraply grips are simply outstanding!  The fit, finish, and form are perfectly hand filling and superior to any other grip(s) I have had on my Wesson.  The Barnaby Jones, with an EWK EH 2.5 barrel assembly looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, and points perfectly.  When my wife says, "Wow," it does not get any better.  Thank you for the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.  I have a couple more I would like to order.

Nathan Ciszek

I was looking for a custom laminated wood grip for my refinished Dan Wesson 357 Supermag in gloss blue. I had always wanted to try an LB Grip in the past but the lack of checkering had me worried about dropping my supermag from my tree stand on a cold morning with numb fingers and cloth gloves on. I had my hopes set on buying a custom Hogue grip for double the price but I already had one on another gun and they didn't have the Apple Jack laminate wood that I wanted for my 357 Supermag project. So after a long waitt LB contacted me at just the right time and I took a chance on his LB Special grip. I sent him a piece of Apple Jack laminate that I had been saving for such a reason and a pair of Dan Wesson medallions that I picked up on Ebay. Within 2 weeks my grip arrived and upon opening up the box I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. But would the grip do its job in a tree stand? After installing the grip there was no question that it would not only do its job but do it better than even my Hogue rubber grip and my other custom checkered wooden Hogue grip that I previously spent over $150 on. LB claims that he designed this grip for himself because of neurological problems with one of his hands. I had been dealing with similar issues from two herniated cervical discs and after surgery it took time to get the strength back in both of my hands which was a big concern if I had to hold a big heavy hand cannon high up in a tree stand for many hours on end. But thankfully the LB Special grip turned out to be exactly what I needed. It features the finger grooves of the gripper style grip but the grip is thicker and with a wider base similar to the original factory style grips. The grip is actually wider than all other finger grooved grips for the Dan Wesson which makes the gun handle so much better than before. With these features you don't need checkering which can take away from the beauty of exotic woods and laminates. I'm so happy with the grip that I'm going to get in line to buy two more. It's certainly a privilege to own an LB grip and they are worth the wait at any price.

Richard A Scott

My "Shootist" grip, done in Zebra wood with a gloss finish is a work of art.  Its fit and finish are beautiful.  It slipped right onto my DW revolver without a hitch.  I had this grip made so that I could carry my pistol and it is absolutely perfect for the intended purpose.  For your reference, I am 5'11", 175 lbs. and have average size hands; the grip feels like an extension of my hand. Thank you LB; you are artist!

Kelly Lashley

LB used my supplied purple heart wood for a grip for my DW super mag and my 22.What a pair of beauties! Wonderful work!

Dan Wesson Forum member OneDansNotEnough

I just received my first Dan Wesson grips by LB, and I must say they are Awesome!!! Looking forward to ordering more in the near future.


Amazing grips!    I ordered a set for both my large and small frame revolvers. They arrived in about 4 weeks as expected, and the grips themselves were far beyond what I could have imagined. The gloss finish is mirror like, and fit both of my guns perfectly.

Karl Greenhill

The Birdseye Maple looks great on my weapon.  Needed just a light touch with a file to perfectly match up to the tang and above, but I prefer it being a little "tight" because it can then be custom fitted.  Was really surprised how quick the order came.  Looks like I will be saving up for a new grip for the 44!

Clyde Mosier

I have owned my Dan Wesson Pistol Pac since 1978, and have hunted Buck's with it for the past 10 years and just recently started looking for Custom Grips for it. I happened across LB's Custom grip advertisement on the Dan Wesson Forum, and decided to e-mail him and find out some info. on his Grips.   And he replied to me promptly, so last Wednesday I ordered a set of his Custom Grips, and he said they would be delivered to me on 10/25/2010.   I went to the range today to see how my New LB Custom Grips will feel while shooting my 357 mag. I must say they fell Very Comfortable.  LB"s quality and craftsmanship can not be beat for the Price and Turn Around time.......

Steve Rauss

My favorite LB custom is a laminate grip of light and dark wood with red, white, and blue acrylic sandwiched in the center, a gift for my son returning from overseas. After discussing the design with him, it just showed up in the mail one day, with a note that "I hope this is OK, if not I'll try again." It was perfect in every way, my son proudly shows it off at the range every chance he gets.

Jody Baldwin

I have several LB Custom grips so my expectations were high when I placed my most recent order for two combat style grips in zebrawood with a satin finish.  In less than two weeks a box was delivered with two beautiful custom grips.  My expectations were exceeded and now I need a set for each of my Dan’s!

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